The Total Artificial Lung program started at Lung Biotechnology in February 2016. The TAL development efforts have grown to occupy 9 laboratories across 13,000 sq ft in Sudbury, MA. Lung Biotechnology is part of the United Therapeutics family of companies.


United Therapeutics' Mission

Provide an unlimited supply of transplantable organs.

Our Program's Contribution

A Total Artificial Lung that supplements or replaces native lungs to sustain and improve the health of patients waiting for a transplant or provide them with a new lung to enjoy their life.


Diagnosed with COPD


Highest Cause of Death


Cases of ARDS per Year

A Brief History





  • 1950s

    The need to oxygenate blood during surgical procedures drove doctors and engineers to create a system that bubbled gas through an extracorporeal blood circuit. This created coagulation issues associated with exposing blood to air.

  • 1960s

    Gas-permeable membranes kept the blood separate from the gaseous oxygen. This proved to be a huge improvement over earlier technologies, but the blood fouled the membranes and the membranes continued to create coagulation issues.

  • Present

    Improvements in membrane chemistry and geometry have not completely eradicated problems with blood coagulation and membrane fouling. Most patients with failing lungs are put on ventilators, which force the damaged lungs to work harder. A lucky few get lung transplants.

  • 2020s

    The Total Artificial Lung has the potential to change the landscape of patient care, as it is designed to provide oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange directly to the blood, letting the lungs rest. TAL may allow a patient to recover native lung function, remain stable enough to receive a lung transplant, or even continue to live with TAL.


We are always on the lookout for intelligent, energetic group members. Please check HERE for open positions or contact us directly.

Lung Biotechnology

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